Composition Skills for Beginner Photographers

Simple Techniques that Can Help Beginners in Photography Understand the Composition

A Post By: Hpusn Official

Perhaps when you first started to travel, you heard other photographers describe that before the actual shooting, you need to see the lens in your mind, of course, this still needs to take more shots and composition, in order to slowly achieve. I will describe this “method” in more detail. I will also provide some useful tips to train your eyes when viewing or not using the camera, or the scene of the head map, and how to edit later.

The composition is about the balance of the elements in the photo so that it includes tone and texture. This is Why would what separates a snapshot from a great shot. If you need to get a good composition, you need to plan, and you should check the placement of each element before shooting.

Create a Good Composition
  • Q: How to create a good composition?
    A: Place your subject on the left or right side of the center. For portraits, the eyes should be above the centerline.

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